Expert Common Rail Diagnostic & Repair Services for Efficient Fuel Systems

Diesel Pumps can expertly repair or replace your injectors, pumps or turbochargers but prevention is better than cure.

Regular servicing and preventative maintenance ensure longer life and vehicle efficiency.

Scott and the team at Diesel Pumps can expertly diagnose engine and fuel system faults; with four different scanners to check codes and live data.

Any Injector, any Brand, a true ‘all makes’ capable machine – our Sabre CRi Expert enable us to carry out complex diagnostics and repair of Common Rail Injectors

  • Up to 2700 bar pressure
  • High Flow output for heavy duty CR testing
  • Comprehensive test plan database
  • Engineered from the ground up to provide a future ready testing solution that stays ahead of the market
  • Injector Coding - software locks in the test steps required to generate coding for that injector.